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- © Sébastien Andréi

- © Anaïs Dutour - Tours Val De Loire Tourism

- © Aurore Povéda – Tourist Office of Azay Chinon Val de Loire

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Trade mark “France Greeters”

The trade mark «France Greeters tm», registered at INPI french office, describe a visitor welcome service in a city or a region that follows values defined by the “Global Greeter Network” and a common global operational Charter, named the “France Greeters Charter”. French “Fédération France Greeters” members that use the “France Greeters tm” trade mark and then follow the associated France Greeters charter, have all the freedom to finetune and add items in their own organisation Greeters Charter. Click here to download France Greeters Charter Rel1-3 Oct2014 “Fédération France Greeters” members, when using “France Greeters tm” trade mark, give you a guarantee for a high and consistent service level, from one side to the other of french territory. Our ambition is to bring visitors welcoming level to excellence, everywhere in France in cities and regions.