What's a greeter?

Meet a greeter, your friend in Touraine!

See Loire Valley through the eyes of a local ! 

A greeter is a local resident who is passionate about his region, his town, his village and who welcomes  tourists with a friendly, authentic and enlightening stroll.

He will take you to his favourite places and share with you his good tips and addresses… And this, is all based on a voluntary initiative! These two-hour long strolls are free.

A greeter is not a guide. The themes of the strolls are wide and it is mostly an opportunity for an enriching experience and a cultural exchange, which basically remains the base of the meeting.

This worldwide movement  is pionner of the participative tourism which was born in the United Sates of America in 1992. It has met a huge success in France and worldwide ever since.

The Loire Valley Greeters is member of both the Greeters French Federation and the Global Gretters Network, and respects the charter and its Greeters values.