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My walking tour of Tours France with Christophe, a Greeter, was fantastic. The knowledge I gained of the City’s history was significant. Additionally, I learned much about the culture, food and beverage of the area.

We spent a couple of hours walking the streets of this Medieval city and made many interesting stops at churches, historical buildings, parks, squares, monuments and a cafe. Christophe spoke English well and was patient with my numerous questions. His passion for this City was matched by his knowledge of the area.

Thank you Christope. If you and your family visit Virginia I hope to reciprocate. Arture

Stroll in Chinon with Susan

Our walk was the perfect introduction to Chinon. Susan also followed up with several helpful contacts and ideas for our stay the Loire Valley. We were very impressed.

Stroll in Tours

Thanks Valerie for a very interesting and informative tour of Tours. You are an organised greeter and we found your photos and diagrams most helpful in understanding the history and architecture of Tours. The food market was mouth watering. It’s so nice to meet a local.

Stroll with Gaylord in Tours

Our email communications initially were a bit rough due to some language misunderstandings. However, we met Gaylord at the designated point and time. His enthusiasm for sharing Tours with us and his love of the city were obvious. We expected our "walk around the cathedral" to last 1.5-2 hours; instead, it was almost 4 hours! Despite being avid explorers on our own, we saw areas of the city and discovered little nooks and crannies that we would never have found by ourselves. We thoroughly enjoyed Gaylord and appreciate his knowledge and the time that he gave up to spend a delightful Sunday afternoon with us.

Stroll with Elsa in Tours

Elsa was a wonderful guide (in perfect English). We had a very interesting exchange about history, living in Tours and even politics. We were very sorry when we had to finish our walk after 2 and a half hours due to other appointments. This was our first greeters tour but certainly not the last. Greeters is a great idea for travellers!

Stroll with Marie in Tours

It was a fun way to spend our morning! We really enjoyed our time and conversation with Marie and would definitely do this again.

Stroll with Sylvie in Tours

We were very pleased with the tour. Sylvie left us with a very positive view of Tours, a city that prior to our visit we knew nothing about. The length of the tour was just about right and was a nice mix of history, architecture and food.

Stroll with Sylvie in Tours

The stroll with Sylvie was amazing! She is a lovely, friendly , nice person !! The walk tour wouldn´t be the same without Sylvie's knowledgeable insights, we could have been walking during all day with her and we would have more and more to talk !! Meeting Sylvie was like meet with someone you've already know. The city of Tours is amazing , a lovely place !! A place to come back! We highly recommend to everyone who want to go to Loire Valley. We would like to leave here a very special thanks to Sylvie, for her patience in talking part of time in Spanish, part in English, for the amazing morning we had. We wish her all the best , success and health !!! A hug from Luciana and Sandro from Brazil .

Stroll with Nicolas in Tours

it was really good. We enjoyed it a lot. My two companions do not speak French and they were very comfortable with the tour. We enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes things that only a true native would know.

Stroll with Jack in Tours

Our family of five had a lovely day in Tours with our greeter. He was very informative and took us around the town giving us its history. We loved the food market and bought some wonderful meats.

Stroll with Marie in Tours in October

We had a very pleasant time with Marie Massin. She is an excellent greeter and we really enjoyed to see the city through her eyes.

Stroll with Fabrice in October

It was great to meet Fabrice. He was very chatty and welcoming and took us on a lovely, leisurely bike ride along the Loire for a couple of hours. Fabrice recommended a bar in Tours and the three of us chatted over a beer. I'd thoroughly recommend using the Tours Greeter service.

Stroll with Sylvie in Tours on 02/10/2016

My apologies for having taken this long to respond to this request for evaluation. Please do not take this delay in responding to the request as an indication that we were not satisfied with the stroll we took with Sylvie in downtown Tours. Sylvie was in my estimation the perfect (guide) match for the kind of stroll I expected us to have. She provided a very thought provoking (time appropriate) insight /s to how current issues are shaping the city and its residents. Right from the start I knew that we made a good decision to avail of the services of Tours Greeters. Meeting Sylvie was like coming face-to-face with someone you've hoped to come across (for lack of a better word). She was upfront in saying that she's not a professional tour guide! That admission alone earned our respect for her even more. I gained perspective based on our stroll that Tours is not just a stop or starting(end) point to the Loire Valley. It is much like any other traditional French city with an enviable location, without the hassle of the madding crowd. It's like discovering a gem of a place where you least expected it (almost all the guidebooks I read told me to skip it!). It's like a welcome oasis on a hectic trip. The city’s architecture came alive with Sylvie's knowledgeable insights. Armed with her ubiquitous reading material :) she took us downtown for a stroll pointing out interesting landmarks ---without her guidance, we would not have quite appreciated. The two hours we shared with her was very entertaining and she made living in the city very appealing. Our appreciation of the city would not have been complete without the thoughtful insights Sylvie shared with us. Tours was made more special by a local whose appreciation for it makes one want to live or move there too! She was very lively, patient and accommodating. She's a good ambassadress for Tours. Kindly relay our heartfelt gratitude (though a very belated one!) to Sylvie for everything! Based on our experience with Sylvie…I highly recommend the services of Tours Greeters' to anyone who's looking for depth and cultural understanding when they travel. P. S. Hoping for an election outcome that benefits the country and its people.

Stroll with Valérie in Tours on 17/05/2017

Our experiece with Valarie was excellent. She carefully explained as she showed us the development of Tours over the centuries. She took us to see many interesting historical buildings and finished the tour by showing us local specialities at the Les Halles food market. Overall a very interesting, informative and enjoyable experience.

Stroll with Sylvie  in Tours n 13/09/2017

We were extremely happy with our wonderful greeter, Sylvie. Although the weather was not kind at the start she gave us a great start to our understanding of Tours, both old and new. Very interesting and comprehensive research information was obtained from our walk and she had obviously spend time collating background information to every area she took us to. We have used this to retrace her steps and rediscover fully the many features she pointed out. A truly wonderful introduction to a magnificent city which we could not have found for ourselves from purely reading guide books Thank you Sylvie for your time given to visitors.