The Real Face of Chinon

Chinon is mostly known for its Fortress, its acclaimed vineyards and gastronomic delights, and its illustrious characters, François Rabelais among them. But this historic town has so much more to offer, and those who call it home, those know it like the back of their hands, are the best placed to share so much more of it with you!

Spare the time for a walk along well-trodden paths or round a ruin, on foot or by bike, as the mood takes you, and let yourself be enchanted by the secrets and the stories of this town and its people.

Only those who live here can reveal their favourite family recipes, the local restaurants they hold so dear, their most treasured views of the river, the vineyards and the forests, in short, everything that makes Chinon ‘home’ for them.

Simply put, imagine how a friend would welcome you to his hometown and share with you his love of that town and all it stands for - he is, without doubt, its best Ambassador.

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